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Meet Our Team


Phyllis J Gee MD – Founder & Medical Director

“Your genes do not determine who you are, but they do determine who you have the potential to become, good and bad.”

“Your best path to optimal health and wellness is one that’s uniquely suited to you. I help you Reveal the root cause of your symptoms or disease to help you Restore your health utilizing traditional and holistic Regenerative medical practices so that you can Recover your optimal wellness and be your best self”

Bianca Carter, FNP-C – Nurse Practitioner & Aesthetician

“I began my nurse practitioner career at a women’s clinic that focused on all things health and wellness. It was there I fell in love with aesthetics. Since then, I have dedicated my career to bringing out the inner beauty in all of my patients. Together we can make your beauty shine through.”

Sonia Lyons FMCHC, ACN – Health Coach

“I have always had a burning passion for the holistic lifestyle, wholefood nutrition and advocating for health. From my own life experience, as well as through service to our clients, I have developed a deep belief that food is medicine.  I am dedicated to continuing my education to assure my knowledge and the care I give to our patients is always at the highest level. I am looking forward to the time when good health is the norm and not a rare occurrence.”

Richard Holland – Patient Care Coordinator & Office Manager

“I am delighted to be part of the Willowbend Health and Wellness team. Along with Dr. Gee we create a compelling value proposition for the very complex and confusing healthcare landscape that exists. With a primary focus on root cause, customized solutions for patients are developed. I believe this approach is a prescription for an authentic wellness journey. This path to wellness works for me and I look forward to sharing our vision with patients.”

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