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Phyllis J Gee MD – Founder & Medical Director

“Your genes don’t determine who you are, but they do determine who you have the potential to become, good and bad”

“I help you Reveal the root cause of your symptoms or disease to help you Restore your health utilizing traditional and holistic medical practices so you can Recover your wellness and be your best self”

Christy S DeCaro FNP-BC – Nurse Practitioner

“Learn to appreciate the infinite complexity of your body. I believe my life’s work is helping patients listen and understand their bodies.  With this knowledge they can find freedom and their path to a lifetime journey of healing. This all starts with embracing your authentic self. Functional medicine is about finding wholeness and balance within yourself – mind, body and spirit.”

Sonia Lyons FMCHC, ACN – Health Coach

“I have always had a burning passion for the holistic lifestyle, wholefood nutrition and advocating for health. From my own life experience, as well as through service to our clients, I have developed a deep belief that food is medicine.  I am dedicated to continuing my education to assure my knowledge and the care I give to our patients is always at the highest level. I am looking forward to the time when good health is the norm and not a rare occurrence.”

Kristin Hawthorne – Patient Care Coordinator & Office Manager

“The philosophy of care behind functional and integrative medicine – investing the patient as an equal partner in care, empowering them to take real control of their health –appealed to me in a way that traditional medicine never did. It was that same logic of using science while supporting the natural and holistic that was perfect to me. That basic underlying philosophy has guided me on a pathway to health that I have never enjoyed before. Working with Dr. Gee gives me the opportunity to welcome others into a more complete, synergistic world of care.”

Arianna Mixon – Patient Care Navigator

“I am passionate about functional medicine because it is holistic and centered around understanding the root cause of illness. At Willowbend Health and Wellness, we believe that patient education is a key component of a holistic approach. I love being a part of a team that empowers patients to regain control of their health.”

Services We Offer


Autoimmune Disease

Immune Health

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Brain Health


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Metabolic Disorders

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Testing & Therapy

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Digestive Health

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Healthy Aging

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Hormone Management

Sexual Health

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Endocrine Dysfunction

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Weight Management

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Women’s Health

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IV Therapy

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Family Medicine

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