Weight Loss Programs

Often, the best thing one can do to immediately improve their feeling of health is to lose weight. While looking good matters, being at a healthy weight can make one feel better as well! Here at Willowbend Health & Wellness, we know not everyone benefits from the same diet. We have access to a genetic test that can inform your diet and exercise plans to greatly improve your chances of successfully losing and maintaining your weight. Please click on the “Schedule Now” link in the upper right menu bar to learn how to get started!

The effectiveness of various weight loss programs varies greatly from individual to individual. Many factors influence our ability to reach and maintain a healthy weight…from lifestyle to genetics. Dr. Gee has successfully assisted hundreds of clients over 35 years in their quest for a healthy weight. At Willowbend Health & Wellness, no one has to do it alone. We include health coaching and follow up care in every package. You will have a one on one meeting to determine your goals, and to assure that the plan chosen is one that is safe and healthy for YOU, and fits with your lifestyle and dietary preferences.


Some of the weight management plans we offer:

  • HCG-assisted diet: A very low calorie diet, using HCG to target the most dangerous visceral fat.
  • T-360: A keto-based diet
  • Customized diet plan: Whether it’s Paleo, Whole 30, or something entirely new and specifically designed for YOU, we can help!