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Family Medicine

Family Medicine

Family medicine encompasses comprehensive health care for the entire family, but at Willowbend Health & Wellness we provide care to adult men, women, and adolescent youth over the age of fifteen. We offer family medicine with a functional and integrative medical approach. We provide preventative and urgent medical care.

Our practitioners will consider all the possible root causes that may be contributing to your symptoms or disease. Each patient’s genetic makeup is considered along with internal and external factors like lifestyle, exposure to environmental toxins, diet, food sensitivities, hormonal balance, and a detailed patient history. We then make treatment recommendations based on this information that are personalized and best suited for you, to improve your health outcome.

We recommend patients have annual physical examinations for routine health maintenance along with comprehensive diagnostic lab testing. Additional testing will be performed as indicated. This testing is based on your personal and family history along with consideration of any other information you provide. Our goal is to help you achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness with a focus on prevention through nutrition, exercise, detoxification, hormone balance and stress management.

We do this while we assist you in managing any uncomplicated chronic disease that does not require ongoing specialty care. If you have been diagnosed with one of those problems, we will continue to follow you utilizing functional and integrative medical principles and practices to support the conventional care your specialist is providing, in order to increase your chances for recovery.

Once you have recovered from your illness, we will help you develop a plan for how to maintain your health going forward. The key is to set realistic goals that will have the most impact on your overall health and optimal wellness so you can be your best self.

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